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CARE-Nigeria Tasks Buhari, CBN On Daily Reports of New Notes Released, Seeks Priority for PWDs at Bank Queues

Centre for Ability, Rehabilitation and Empowerment CARE Nigeria has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to immediately direct the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) governor Godwin Emefiele to publish daily reports of new notes released to each bank.

In a press release signed by Dr. Chike Okogwu, Founder/Chief Responsibility Officer, the Organization on behalf of Nigerians and Persons With Disabilites (PWDs) said that the move will help Nigerians to track the new notes the banks received so that people will know when they hoarding the newly released notes. #TrackYourNewNoteCash

CARENigeria further reiterated her support and lauding of the introduction of new naira notes even as they observed that Persons with Disabilities are finding life difficult with the scarcity of Naira notes currently being experienced nationwide as many of them cannot buy foodstuffs, medication, pay transportation when they need to move and carry out other necessary functions required to live a normal empowered life.

“The Central Bank should equally direct all banks to prioritise attending to Persons with Disabilities who come into their branches in line with the National Disability Act of 2018”.




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