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Bayelsa Poll: TAF Africa, EU Sensitise PWDs On Voting

By Okem Mbah,

A group, TAF Africa in collaboration with the European Union (EU) has organised voter education to reduce apathy to the barest minimum and promote the mainstreaming of persons with disabilities (PWDs) in the electoral process.

The event which was held yesterday in Yenagoa, the Bayelsa State capital with the theme: “Able-to-Vote Campaign; Voter Education Campaign to Reduce Voter Apathy to the Barest Minimum and Promote the Mainstreaming of Persons With Disabilities in the Electoral Process”, attracted persons with disabilities from across the state capital.

In his opening remarks, the programme manager, Mr Samuel Olayemi, said TAF Africa is a leading top non-governmental organisation, that had been increasing awareness and promoting advocacy on right of persons with disabilities in Nigeria.He also said the programme was designed to increase awareness on their right as persons with disabilities and the need for them to acquaint themselves with Discrimination Against Persons With Disabilities Act 2018.

Olayemi said, “The Discrimination Against Persons With Disabilities Act 2018, is an act that actually promotes our right as persons with disabilities. There is a need for us to acquaint ourselves with that act. The act made provisions for a number of things including employment of persons with disabilities in public sector.”

The chairman Joint National Association of Persons With Disabilities (PWDs), Bayelsa State chapter, Hon Ekpomokumor Mayor, commended TAF Africa for the opportunity given to his people, while advising them to come out and cast their vote as the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and the security agencies have assured of their preparedness.

“There will be no problem, our security is guaranteed. One thing that maybe majority of them including government failed to understand is that persons with disabilities have the ability to secure every vote because if we are in any polling unit that the police or anybody wants to come and harass and if we say we cannot allow that, that is how it is,” he said.

Also, the Persons With Disabilities Desk Officer, INEC, Mr Oson Williams, who represented the head of voter education and publication, assured persons with disabilities that everything that is required for them to participate in the election are already in place.



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