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Abia State Govt Issues Stern Warning Against Impersonation in Disability Commission

Umuahia, June 20, 2024 – In a decisive move to safeguard the integrity of its Disability Commission, the Abia State Government has issued a stern warning against impersonation, vowing to impose stringent sanctions on anyone found guilty of such acts. This announcement comes amid reports of an individual falsely representing himself as the Chairman of the Abia State Disability Commission.

Mr. David Anyaele, Special Assistant to the Governor on Persons with Disabilities, delivered this warning during a press briefing in Umuahia on Thursday. Anyaele emphasized the government’s commitment to maintaining the legitimacy and trustworthiness of its institutions, particularly those serving vulnerable populations.

The controversy erupted after reports surfaced that a certain individual had been masquerading as the Chairman of the Disability Commission. This fraudulent behavior has prompted widespread concern, especially given the significant role the commission plays in advocating for and supporting persons with disabilities in Abia State.

The legitimacy of the commission’s leadership was firmly established in May 2023 when the immediate past Governor, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu, appointed Mr. Eldad Monu, a respected individual with a disability, as the Chairman. Monu, alongside a governing board representing various disability clusters, was officially sworn in, marking a pivotal moment for disability advocacy in the state.

Reacting to the impersonation incident, Anyaele disclosed that the matter had drawn the government’s attention, and steps were being taken to investigate the activities of the alleged impostor. He stressed that Governor Alex Otti, who assumed office a year ago, had initially dissolved all boards of ministries, parastatals, and government agencies, pending their reconstitution. This move was part of Otti’s broader strategy to ensure transparency and accountability within the state’s administrative framework.

During a recent media chat, Governor Otti reiterated his commitment to reconstituting the remaining boards of ministries, parastatals, and agencies. Anyaele highlighted that any attempt to undermine this process through deceitful actions, such as impersonation, would not be tolerated. He described the actions of the impostor as “an affront, act of deceit, and impersonation,” underscoring the severity of the offense.

The government’s concern extends beyond local ramifications. Anyaele pointed out that many national and international organizations might have been misled into funding the activities of the impersonator, believing them to be legitimate initiatives of the Disability Commission. Such fraudulent misrepresentation not only damages the credibility of the commission but also jeopardizes potential funding and support that could have been directed towards genuine projects aimed at improving the lives of persons with disabilities.

In light of these developments, the Abia State Government is urging the public to remain vigilant. Anyaele advised citizens to report any suspicious entreaties, requests, or demands made by the impersonator or any associates using the Disability Commission as a front. This, he said, is crucial for the government to take appropriate action and prevent further deceitful activities.

The warning against impersonation reflects the government’s broader commitment to upholding integrity and accountability in all its dealings. As Abia State continues to strive towards inclusive development and support for all its citizens, the government’s proactive stance against fraud and impersonation is a critical step in ensuring that the needs and rights of persons with disabilities are genuinely and effectively addressed.

The public is reminded that the legitimate activities and communications from the Disability Commission will always come through officially sanctioned channels. Any deviations should be promptly reported to ensure the continued protection and advocacy for persons with disabilities in Abia State.



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