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My Parents did not consider giving me formal education because of my deafness—Philemona Pina, a deaf woman states why she is uneducated

Philomena Pina is a lady with hearing impairment from Kabwir district of Kanke local government Plateau state. She lost her hearing as a result of meningitis when she was about three years old. She was once married but got separated with her husband, She is now staying with my parents. At the course of the marriage, she had a daughter.

In this interview with Bulus Izang and Joshua Yenle, when they embarked on a trip to Kanke Local Government as part of our Connecting Our Voices To The World project supported by Oxfam Voice, she spoke about her challenges as a deaf woman.

TQM. Were you privilege to have formal education, even though you had an early disability?

Coming from a poor background and in the village, my parents did not consider giving a deaf girl child formal education.

TQM. Is your daughter schooling?

Yes, she is now in primary school.

TQM. Who is paying for her education?

I am paying for her education.

TQM. What about her father?

He is yet to do much for his daughter,

TQM. Where is the girl staying?

She is staying with me.

TQM. Is the father of your daughter a person with disability?


TQM. What work you doing for a living?

I am selling Kunu (a local soft drink).

TQM. Have you been abused or discriminated because of your disability?

Yes, but it is not much.

TQM. How then do you respond, when such happens?

Sometime I report such issues to the community leaders.

TQM. What kind of support have you received form the government or members of your community towards your business?

I have not received any support.

TQM. What then will your appeal for support be?

Ans. I am praying to the government and other people to come to my aid financially so that I can increase my business.

TQM. Thank you for granting us this interview.

Ans. thank you.



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