THE QUALITATIVE MAGAZINE ONLINE VERSION was launched in April, 2019 and it is already a very influential online disability advocacy magazine because we have been publishing since 2008, so it is easy for the online version to grow fast having built a huge readership base. We are also the first disability focused magazine dedicated fully into disability issues and advocacy in Nigeria and Africa.

THE QUALITATIVE MAGAZINE is rich in materials focused on the areas of inspiring stories on individuals with disabilities, news on disability and other related issues; deals also on advocacy, prevention, management and living with disability. Our readership base are public affair officers in the government, disability focused non-governmental organizations both national and international, civil society groups, students in special schools and students studying courses like social work, medical rehabilitation, special education, community development, etc, family and friends of persons with disability and over 25 million persons with disabilities in Nigeria and those in other countries of Africa.


(i)THE QUALITATIVE MAGAZINE is the first disability advocacy magazine in Africa. it is popular among over 25million Nigerians with disabilities and beyond, their families, friends, caregivers, organizations of people with disabilities, NGOs working with people living with disabilities and others members of the public who have interest in disability issues.

(ii)THE QUALITATIVE MAGAZINE is a social entrepreneurship-based media outfit because 90 percent of the staff are persons with disabilities so it will be part of your social corporate responsibility to advertise on our website.

(iii)WWW.QUALITATIVEMAGAZINE.COM in a short time has built so much traffic because all disability related NGOs, Persons with disabilities in different social media platform are looking forward to our website to get news about disability issues across the world. Our traffic statistics: went live on April, 6, 2019 as at today, we have recorded 2.1 million page views and we are getting average of 8,800 page views daily.

(iv) Our website is built like so the links are easily accessed and displaying of your pictures and visual brand image is world class.

(v) Our news and stories are also running on all our social media handles, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Telegram and through these millions of Nigerians and beyond views our stories, news and articles daily.

(Vi) Our platform gives you variety formats to get your message across to your audience, it could be in text, photos, videos, banner, promotions, news flash and audio.

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